Zenith Projects understands and takes its health and safety responsibilities seriously. To support our company to maintain strong health and safety capability ensuring we deliver safe projects on behalf of our clients, we use Safe365 – a simple but intelligent health and safety application that allows us to keep an eye on 88 specific health and safety capabilities across our business in areas such as:

  • Director Knowledge
  • Management Knowledge
  • Worker / Contractor Knowledge
  • Health & Safety Management System
  • Audit & Verification Activities
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Health & Safety Data Collection
  • Health & Safety Reporting
  • Worker / Contractor Engagement
  • Health & Safety Culture & Behaviours

Safe365 puts our business in the driving seat when it comes to health and safety. Underpinned by health and safety legislation and relevant ISO standards, Safe365 provides Zenith Project’s owners and managers with a cost-effective platform to assess current capability, diagnose areas of compliance exposure, and provides the solutions to improve. Safe365 allows us to keep an eye on where we are at, stay up to date on all health and safety matters and supports our commitment to continuous improvement.

Further, in addition to ensuring Zenith Projects meets its own requirements, we also use Safe365 in our sub-contractor procurement process and ongoing contract management processes to give us visibility of the health and safety capability of all sub-contractors we use as part of our project supply chain. With multiple PCBU’s sharing health and safety risks and the responsibility for managing such risks, we believe this approach maximises positive health and safety performance.

For more information on Safe365 or to get started using the product, visit:

Assess, diagnose, and improve
Build a healthy, safe, and compliant work environment